About Us

Our Story

Hyer Farms is in its’ fourth generation of family farming, with well over 100 years of farming heritage. We are located in the Oklahoma panhandle and surrounding areas, growing corn, cotton, milo, soybeans and wheat. Our team of talented individuals and growing partners strive to produce the highest yield possible while preserving our natural resources. We farm both family owned ground as well as leasing ground from others with crop share and cash lease agreements. We are a sustainable and conservation minded farm. We want to ensure generations to come still have the resources to farm. 

Our Mission

Hyer Farms strives to be the most innovative, profitable and sustainable crop producer in the Oklahoma panhandle and surrounding areas. We are committed to the profitable and efficient production of high yielding crops through the adoption of the latest agricultural technologies. 

Our Vision

Hyer Farms is and will continue to be the most trusted, respected, as well as competitive farm operation arround. We will strive to be the partner of choice for landowners, employees and partnerships. We are truly FARMING FOR TOMORROW.